Kitesurfing Lessons

OUR GOAL is fast learning success combined with loads of fun. Our lessons are taught by experienced Instructors. We teach with the standard of IKO (International Kite Organization).

At the end of the IKO courses you will receive an IKO card to justify your level. Once certified IKO level 2, you will be able to rent gear in any IKO center worldwide.

Discovery Course

Give a try to kitesurfing , learn a few things about wind direction and how to pilot the kite. You’ll get a basic idea if a kitesurfing is for you.

If you order a beginner course after completing the Discovery course, Discovery course is free.

Max. 4 students in group

2 hours in group for 3000 PHP

1.5 hours single for 3000 PHP

IKO level 1 – Day Course

During the Day Course you will get the basic skills and knowledge of kitesurfing.

What you’ll learn

How the kite flies – the theory of wind window, what is power zone and turbulences

How to pilot a 2 line kite

How to set up the kite, bar and lines

How to launch the kite, relaunch it.

You’ll get the idea of bodydraging as well as other safety elements

By the end of this course you will reach the level of IKO 1, where you can fly the kite alone and body drag.

If you decide to book a beginner course afterwards, then the Day Course is free.
Max. 4 students, Course Duration: 4 hours in group or 3 hours single /1 day, 6800 PHP

IKO level 1 and 2 – Beginner Course

During the Beginner Course (IKO level 1 and 2) you will learn how to set up the kite, how to fly it and bodydrag in all directions. What makes this course the most popular – by the end of this course you’ll be able to do short rides in one or both directions.

After completing the Beginner Course you will become an independent kiter. You’ll be able to learn at you own, or take an Advance Course to make faster progress.

Max. 4 students, course duration: 12 hours in group or 9 hours single / 2-3 days, 19000 PHP


IKO level 3 – Advanced Course for Intermediate Kiters

After completing the beginner course you have an option to make a faster progress and have an Advanced course (IKO Level 3). Our instructor will guide you on riding upwind, changing direction and your first jumps!

Max. 2 students, course duration: 7 hours if the kite is shared or 5 hours if each student has one kite / 1-2 days

Cost of the course: 11200 PHP with our gear or 8400 PHP with your own gear

You can also have advanced tuition on per-hour basis. One hour is 2240 PHP euros with our gear or 1680 PHP with your own gear.


Private Kitesurfing Tution

Only for 2800 PHP you’ll get you own personalized kitesurfing tuition from IKO instructor. You private lessons are tailored to your needs and skill level.

2800 PHP/ 1 hour with our gear

2240 PHP / 1 hour with your own gear