Family Holiday

Boracay is a well-known destination for spending holidays thanks to its crystal clear waters and white sand beaches.  And while it mostly attracts single travelers and couples, it offers plenty of activities that can give you and your family unforgettable experience.

Below is a list of some of the island activities your family will want to look forward to:

  • Sunbathing and Swimming

As obvious as this family activity can be, it is very enjoyable and satisfying. Mostly shallow waters with very gentle waves are suitable for all ages, so even toddlers can play around without danger. Another benefit of Boracay’s crispy-sand beaches is that you can make long walks, soaking your feet in warm sand, and observe magnificent scenery and unforgettable sunsets.

  • Water Activities

Boracay has a wide array of water activities that will make kids happy, helping their parents alongside to recall what it was like to be a child. You can ride a Banana Boat – they have a kid friendly banana boat, it consists of two rows and a middle area which is available for kids of just 3 years of age.  The driver of the speed boat pulling the banana boat is cautious when a kid is riding, they won’t flip the banana boat upside down.  A bit older fellows will love to ride a Fly Fish – you can expect to get some airtime as the speed boat gains speed and launches you into the air! Helmet Diving and Reef Walking will allow you to walk on the sea bottom. For the water sport lovers, you can try diving and kitesurfing. PADI Bubble-Maker is very good for children, and kitesurfing lessons can be given to relatively young aged kids. Paraw Sailing is another excellent water activity for families with children of all ages. A boat can make stops for snorkelling and visit Crocodile Island, Crystal Cove Island, other hidden marvelous hidden beaches of Boracay and they can even arrange a beach barbecue for your family.

  • Land and Air Activities

Parasailing allows you to see the island from the bird’s eye. The minimal age requirement is only 2 years old. Make sure that the boat operator will catch your sign if your kid gets nauseated and you need to get down ahead of time. With your family you can enjoy land activities like riding ATVs or motorbikes, mountain biking, horse riding and trekking. Having land transportation will help you to reach off the beaten path spots and beaches, and a short trek to Mount Luho will open a spectacular view, brilliant to make great family pictures to secure your memories. Trekking tours are also arranged in Panay Island, where you can see beautiful waterfalls or swim in cold a spring which is so refreshing in a hot day!

Boracay has a lot of activities the whole family will definitely enjoy. So if you want to spend some quality time with your loved ones, come to the island and enjoy it to the fullest!