Moonlight Party

People have theorized for thousands of years that the Moon has all kinds of impact on us. It affects almost all spheres of our lives, they say. We don’t know if that is true but at least we have no doubts that on a night of a full moon raise, people like to party!

A history of parties on the beach under the moonlight began long ago, in 1983 on a beach of Haad Rin, Koh Phangan Island, Thailand. The parties gained fame through word of mouth, and the event now draws a crowd of about 5,000–30,000 every full moon evening. A grand event like this could not stay unnoticed in other countries, and soon other recreational places began holding full moon parties. A great success of them is probably determined by enjoyment that you experience while dancing right by the sea, surrounded by people who are brought together by the same reason, and watching a moon reflection in the water. There’s definitely something magical about it!

A few months back, Levantin introduced a new monthly event called Moonlight Party. It’s becoming more and more popular every month with the participation of Boracay’s residents and travelers. It has always a long preparation period as the theme of each party is different like Retro, Tribal and more. We want our guests to enjoy their vacation to the fullest that’s why we prepare a lot of entertainment like the captivating fire dancing, fun dance competitions, entertaining live music, talented DJs and so on. We have some freebies like free snacks for those who want to share a bucket of beers or free body painting for a bucket of cocktails, and there are prizes for best themed costumes. Our food menu will satisfy every taste, and we make special offers for the event nights.

We definitely enjoy seeing our guests having fun and we always have fun with them too. So if you are in Boracay when the moon is full, drop by and have an unforgettable night with us! Check out Levantin Boracay’s Facebook page for more updates on the themes and dates of our upcoming Moonlight Parties!